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Laser Cavity Finder

The days of waiting until cavities became large and painful and then having to do extensive, large fillings, crowns, or even root canals are over. Thanks to advanced technology from Kavo, we can now detect cavities earlier and more predictably. The Kavo Diagnodent uses a low-intensity laser to locate hidden decay and provide your dentist with a digital reading of the progression of cavities.


Due to the increasing amount of flouride in water and food, teeth are stronger than ever, a great benefit to our patients. However, this increased strength has changed the look of modern cavities. Where cavities used to form big craters on the surface of the tooth and then work their way down to the inner portion, the new pattern has reversed. Bacteria now form pinpoint holes in the tooth, borough down, and then spread deep and wide under a seemingly intact outer shell. This new pattern has made cavity detection more difficult and made old cavity detection techniques, like a sharp explorer, less reliable.

Much like a metal detector detects metal objects underground, a Kavo Diagnodent has the unique ability to find these “hidden cavities.” This breakthrough technology has been proven to be virtually 100% accurate in detecting small cavities that our traditional techniques might miss. This enables your dentist to treat these cavities at their earliest stages, preserving more tooth structure, and making it easier and quicker for the patient. We can now stop those small cavities from becoming larger ones and save our patient’s time and money by providing smaller and more conservative treatment options.