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Fresh Breath

Fresh breath is a major concern for millions of Americans. Americans spent over a billion dollars last year on over-the-counter products that mask but do not eliminate bad breath. Most of these products are no longer effective after a couple hours and none of them will manage Chronic Halitosis.


Many of these mouthwashes contain high concentrations of alcohol, which in turn dries out the soft oral tissues and leads to even faster formation of odor causing bacteria. The bacteria then thrive in the mouth, under the gum tissue and in the different grooves in the teeth. These bacteria then produce volatile sulfur compounds that have a characteristic “rotten egg” smell.

Now there is a way to fight back and take control. The Breath Rx Management System was created to do just that. It is a 100% alcohol free system that eliminates the cause and neutralizes the resulting odors of halitosis. It makes long-term treatment easy and effective and allows you to enjoy the confidence of knowing your breath is as fresh as it can be.